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Welcome to the refreshed Bareback Brotherhood website.

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About the Bareback Brotherhood

The Bareback Brotherhood (Twitter #BBBH) stands a beacon. The Bareback Brotherhood is as a social group of men around the globe from all walks of life. We agree on one thing — sex between men without barriers is natural and a legitimate choice. As consenting adults, skin-to-skin intimacy should be a choice that is not demonized or marginalized. The Bareback Brotherhood advocates on behalf of raw sex, knowing that many men engage but hide. The Bareback Brotherhood is a group without judgment and with mutual respect for all, no matter sero-status — positive, negative or unknown. Fuck more. Fear less. Regret nothing.  

How Do I Join the Bareback Brotherhood?

First of all, register here. With more than 6,000 members worldwide, you will find a very active online social community. BBBH.me is a place to connect, meet and discuss what’s happening in barebacking, to get information and meet others all over (or maybe close by). If you are on Twitter, add #BBBH to your Twitter bio line. Once you do that, please notify one of the Founders of the Bareback Brotherhood (we also recommend you follow a few of them). Founders who maintain official rosters are as follows (in alphabetical order): You can also follow @OfficialBBBH (http://Twitter.com/OfficialBBBH), which is our official account. Facebook is a bit more difficult, as Facebook tends to ban such groups. We ask you become friends with one of our Founders as follows (in alphabetical order): Our home on the web is here at http://bbbh.org. If you are on Twitter, you can seamlessly connect to this website. We welcome all men. Yes, it’s that easy. (Last updated September 2012)
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    February 8, 2013

    Cheshire Cub

    Never received my Activation Code, so having to Log-In via Twitter. Can change password etc… but still won’t let me sign in as Account not activated, D’oh !!!
    Hope this reaches you guys as i couldn’t find a Help or Contact option xxx

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